The people we hire, the vendors we use, the partners we have



Americans need real work too.


We understand the market forces that compel American companies to seek lower costs by outsourcing labor and production to developing economies. We understand tax code and its myriad implications. We understand capitalism and the drive for higher margins. We are businesspeople too, afterall. And we also understand the tremendous value American out-sourcing is to the industrious people in developing economies who — by being sourced to –are able to improve their lives, help their families and increase their own personal opportunities, all without having to leave home.

But we also believe that we have a primary responsibility to our own community and to our own economy. We believe that we are part of a complex system, and that our own countrymen are not so prosperous that they no longer need the kind work that we can provide. These are our sons and daughters, our friends and our neighbors. They live here, with their families and their dreams, and they need opportunity too. The kind of opportunity that comes from supporting local economies, and the magic that happens when money is circulated throughout the community. So when we do the math, the money we save by outsourcing overseas is simply not worth the opportunity cost of not circulating it right here.



And so we choose to buy local


Perhaps we will be less prosperous because of it. Perhaps our margins will be lower. Maybe, even, our business will fail. We will take those risks. We consider it an investment in our community — an investment in America — and her people. Because at the end of the day, we think that’s what small business is really all about:  Community.

We hope you agree, and will join us in supporting American small business, and the men and women that keep it going.